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Written by: Roderick Thomas

Roderick Thomas has been in offline marketing for just over 30 years. Starting with advertising and promoting bands in the music industry and later DJ rappers. He graduated from Jones' Real Estate College in Colorado and moved to California. There he sought a marketing job with a Technical and trade school and advanced to General Manager of Marketing for their Corporate office. When the Training Center was sold, he started his own Marketing Agency creating leads and recruiting candidates for other Trade Schools. From there he evolved into a publisher of coupon books and magazines, and in 2006 he founded Self Help Opportunities Magazine in Newark California. The offline print and mail publication met an abrupt change and almost ended in 2008 with the Great Recession. However, he saved the company by forming an online magazine. Self Help Opportunities offline became Business Opportunity Buffet, an online magazine advertising. online business opportunity ads. It struggled for its first three years, and just as it seemed about to completely recover, Roderick was rushed to a hospital emergency room and up to intensive care diagnosed with diabetes. The Difficult Years: This began a year of treatments in and out of the hospital which resulted in the downsizing of the company and eventual move to Hayward, California in 2013. However, an office down the hall caught on fire and the new office building was consumed in the fire in 2014. As a result, he lost both his office and his home, which was in the back of the building. Most importantly, he lost his data base of subscribers and readers of the magazine. He has been out of business for the last four years seeking a profitable home-based business or a re-entry into Local business advertising. In 2018 Roderick started training to update his marketing skills enrolling in several online courses in Facebook Marketing, online Advertising for Local Business, Linked In Marketing, and new methods of Lead Generation, which was his foremost offline skill. This led to the founding of Thomas Nextus Enterprises represented online by Nextus Media Associates. We are now open and seeking clients who need Lead Generation to create new Client Acquisition. Nextus Media Associates will focus on helping clients in the Health, Wellness, Fitness and Beauty verticals, beginning with local Chiropractors, Cosmetic Dentists, Cool Sculpting Practitioners, and Private Injury Attorneys. In respect to his experience in the home-based business arena, Nextus Media Associates will also offer Lead Generation services to home business opportunity seekers via the National Wealth Center, a program with a high earning potential for its participants.

Chiropractic Insights

This Category is about all things Chiropractic! Are Chiropractors Doctors?: Chiropractors do not have a medical degree, so they aren’t medical doctors. They do have extensive training in chiropractic care and are licensed practitioners. A chiropractor is trained to make sure your body is functioning as optimally as possible by using spinal manipulations to relieve pain in your joints and muscles. These spinal adjustments will increase blood flow and nerve conductivity to the joints and